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    The main focus of our group is to design, model, and fabricate devices using MEMS fabrication technologies for transducer applications and investigation of interfacial science at the nanoscale. The projects in our group focus on:

    Integration of piezoelectric materials into MEMS sensors, actuators, and devices

    Micro and Nanoscale calorimetric studies on polymers, biomaterials

    Interfacial adsorption and viscoelastic studies of biomaterials

    Development of room temperature infrared imaging arrays

    Development of calorimetric and gravimetric biosensing arrays

    Thermoelectric studies in nanomaterials and molecular junctions

    Development of smart structures for nano air vehicle applications

    Substrate interaction studies in graphene devices

    Studies on silicon based energetic materials and microfluidic combustors

Micro-machined T-beam actuator
Microscale T-beams before releasing
Microscale T-beams after packaging
Prototype of a four-winged clapping nano air vehicle
Optical Image of a Fabricated Pixel for IR detection
Graphene devices