Professor Tadigadapa's laboratory currently is equiped with microfabrication equipment especially suited for micromachining. The following fabrication and test equipment are available in his research group:

    (1) Alcatel AMS 100DE - Inductive Coupled Plasma Etcher for Dielectric Etch

    (2) Alcatel AMS 100SE - Inductive Coupled Plasma Deep Reactive Ion Etcher for Silicon

    (3) EVG 620 Double Side 4" Wafer Bond Aligner

    (4) EVG 501 Wafer Bonder

    (5) MKS Electron Beam Evaporator with 4-target source

    (6) Xactix XeF2 Vapor Phase Etcher

    (7) Headway Inc. Programmable Spin Coater

    (8) Woollam Elipsometer

    (9) ZYGO NT100 White Light Interference Microscope

    (10) Leica Stereo High Magnification Microscope with Nomarski Contrast

    (11) Karl Suss PM5 Probe Station with Laser Trimming Capability

    (12) Poly(dimethyl) Siloxane (PDMS) Casting & Curing Equipment

    (13) Nickel and Solder Electroplating Baths and Power Supplies

    (14) Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

    (15) High vacuum test chamber with gas exposure capability

    (16) XTorr Residual Gas Analyzer

    (17) K&S Wafer Dicing Saw

    (18) K&S Semiautomatic ball and wedge Bonders

    (19) Agilent 4294A and 4395A Impedance Analyzers

    (20) Other Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment

    (21) PSIA Atomic Force Microscope

    (22) FINEPLACER Pico Die Bonder

    In addition the group has access to the state of the art nanofabrication facilities at the Penn State Nanofabrication facility and materials characterization techniques at the Penn State Materials Characterization laboratory.

    The full list of the equipment and process available are summarized at http://www.mri.psu.edu/mcl and http://www.nanofab.psu.edu.